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Explosion Proof Products

As part of Patlite’s motto for “Safety, Security and Comfort”, we include the motto in the explosive environment with our Explosion-proof product line.

Our Empresa utilizes certified agencies to ensure that our Explosion-proof Productos follow the strict demands required to meet the specific standards, such as ATEX and NEC.

Because our customers rely on recognized agencies, we continue to strive for “Safety, Security and Comfort” to meet the demands of our customers.

Branch Explosion Hazard
Chemical Industry Chemical Industry
- Flammable Gases
- Flammable Liquids
- Flammable Solids
Landfills/Civil Engineering Landfills/Civil Engineering
- Flammable Landfill Gases
- Uncontrolled Gas Emissions
- Flammable Gas from poor ventillation sources
Power Generation Companies Power Generation Companies
- Lump Coal Dust
Waste Disposal Companies Waste Disposal Companies
- Waste-water Treatment Gasses
Gas Suppliers Gas Suppliers
- Natural Gas Leagage
- Natural Gas Emissions
Woodworking Industry Woodworking Industry
- Saw Dust
- Fine Wood Chips
Paint-spraying Operations Paint-spraying Operations
- Overspray in Spray-paint Bays
- Solvent Vapor Emissions
Agriculture Agriculture
- Bio-gas Production Plants
- Bio-gas Located on Farms
Metal-work Operations Metal-work Operations
- Explosive Metal Dust
- Spark-ignitable Metal Dust
Food/Beverage Industry Food/Beverage Industry
- Overspray in Spray-paint Bays
- Solvent Vapor Emissions
Pharmaceutical Industry Pharmaceutical Industry
- Alcohol Solvents
- Materials explosive when mixed
Refinery Industry Refinery Industry
- Hydorocarbons close to their flash-points
- Oil Processing Plants
Recycling Operations Recycling Operations
- Unemptied flammable gas/liquid containers
- Biodegradable Material Emitting Explosive Gasses

Our Explosion-proof Torre de señales is suitable for hazardus areas, such as Zone 1, Zone 2 for gasses, and Zone 20, Zone 21 for Dust.

Our Productos are designed and certified according to international standards, such as ATEX , to meet regulations for gasses and vapors.