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USB Signal Tower
USB Signal Tower
Features our innovative LR6 with USB connection to a computer or USB interface. The new design utilizes the software library (DLL), so no special USB drivers are necessary, and other OS can be integrated. It can also operate off the USB power. Ideal for office printers and other machinery, as well as Factory Automation where information can be communicated from the production line. The Program software used for the LU7-USB does not need to be changed, it is compatible with the LR6-USB.

Características del producto

  • Connect with a personal computer etc. and supply electric power via the bus power from the USB cable.

  • Program construction is also easy at application of a software library (DLL).

    Since it is possible to control in accordance with protocol specifications, it can be controllable with operating systems (OS) other than Windows."

  • Because of the HID class, control is possible without the installation of an exclusive driver.

  • The LR6 series LED unit can be used and color combination change, multi-color and clear globe can be selected to be combined with the application.

  • A high water and dust protection allows factory field use.

    * For this product, a program which creates the data output from the USB port of a personal computer is required.

    * The USB Cable (type A male to type B male) is not included.

    Please purchase separately.


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