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About Firmware Updates

■Regarding Firmware Updates
Keeping the firmware updated improves your device’s reliability, and also enables you to use any new product features.
Firmware can be downloaded from the ‘File Downloads’ button of each product page. (For details, refer to “How to Download” at the bottom of this page.)
- Be sure to save your device settings before updating the firmware.
- Any log data recorded on your device is erased when updating the firmware.
- Firmware updates do not occur automatically. You are responsible for updating the firmware as needed.
■Models Compatible with Firmware Updates
Links to product pages:

 NH-FV Series
 NH-FB Series
 LA6-POE Series
■How to Download


   Click on “File Downloads” from the product page of your specific model.


   Click on “Firmware_ver-XX (latest version)” at the bottom of the File Downloads list. Your download should start.
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